The vision and mission statements for MUBS – Guest House have been crafted to fit in the overall missions and objectives of both the faculty (FMHM) and the overall school – MUBS.


Our Vision:

To be the best provider of quality and pocket friendly hospitality services to the MUBS community and the general public as a whole.


Our Mission:

To enable our customers enjoy true hospitality products/services through our continuous customer oriented improvements and provision of quality food, drink and accommodation services.


Our values:

The following are our values upon which we operate:

I. MUBS - Guest House values integrity (Honesty, Openness, and Commitment to principles)

II. MUBS - Guest House values excellence (Learning and Leadership)

III. MUBS - Guest House values creativity (Learning, Administration, and Artistic expression)

IV. MUBS - Guest House values diversity (Ethnic, Cultural, and Belief systems)

V. MUBS - Guest House values community (Communication, Honesty and integrity, Caring and helpful, Teamwork, Responsibility, Respect, Safe and secure environment).

VI. MUBS - Guest House values accountability (Planning, Assessment, Evaluation, and Improvement)

VII. MUBS - Guest House values service (MUBS - Guest House community, Academic and intellectual communities and Humanity).

Goals and objectives of the Guest House for the period 2009 - 2012

The Goals and Objectives of the Guest House have been classified into short and Long-term as explained in this section below:

Long term goals:

  • To enhance the competitiveness of our students especially the catering, leisure and hospitality by enabling them to fit better in the job market.
  • To recruit more competitive and professional staff, train the current ones and develop them so that they are able to offer better services.

Long term Objectives:


  • To equip our students with the relevant and easily accessible hospitality, industrial training at supervisory and management levels using our Guesthouse services.
  • To increase our capacity to handle bigger volumes of Business and widen our range of products and services and to improve our customer base.
  • To recruit more competent and professional staff, train the current ones and develop them so that they are able to offer better services

Short term Objectives

a) Tactical Objectives

  • To increase access to resources (internal and external) so that we can purchase more and better equipment.
  • To identify and encourage the promising hospitality students from their enrollment to actively participate in the Guesthouse activities like practical, training and some part time jobs.
  • To recognize and select the best performing hospitality students to take up supervisory and trainee management jobs in the guesthouse as they arise.
  • To train and develop our current staff through sponsoring them for related short courses offered by MUBS and related institutions around.
  • To innovate and expand the number of rooms at the Guesthouse in order to competitively accommodate bigger numbers of customers.
  • To purchase more equipment like cutlery, cookers, fridges etc using our expanded vote in the departmental budget.


b) Operational Objectives (SMART)

  • To open up a restaurant capable of meeting the customer demands of our customers’ trough expanding the capacity of our kitchen and the service equipment necessary.
  • To purchase additional Kitchen ware as per the attached Appendix I:
  • To identify and recruit at least six (6) degree and diploma students of the department through our continuous assessments of those capable per semester as guesthouse staff.
  • To sponsor at least five (5) of our current staff for relevant and available short courses around in the first three years (3).
  • To encourage our current staff to upgrade their qualifications through our annual evaluations job promotions and transfers.
  • To develop continuous customer complaint handling management system to improve our service delivery and customer relationship through compiling the current complaints, brain storming about them and developing the relevant solutions within the next two (2) months.
  • To recruit a sales and marketing executive from our current staff or our recognized graduates by June 2010.


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